Sunday, March 18, 2012


I just wanted to take a second to rant about Windows briefly; I was hoping to use an old Gateway T4022 for a Windows server in my house...despite the LOUD fan that is in it that needs to get replaced, I was hoping it would work for AD in my house and as a file server for XBMC. Now this Gateway is nothing special single core 2GB RAM, me being a COMMAND LINE guru working with Cisco and Linux and Vyatta and SunOS and pfSense and ClearOS and Zentyal and M0n0wall, and IPCOP, etc daily...I mean, THAT'S A BOX!


It was flying with vyatta on it even doing HTTP caching with Squid. This is a shot of it running, doing absolutely has ADDS & DNS installed, not taking any DNS requests or having any clients connected at ALL. The most it was doing was maybe updates?

Ugh so it appears if I want to go the Windows route I am going to have to break out the bucks again and spend maybe 50-75% upgrading this thing to a dual core and 4gb of RAM. Then MAYBE, MAYBE it might be able to run Windows Server decently. I might re-install and see how it runs with Server Core, but then I have the "mental overhead" of having to remember all of the awkward Microsoft "cmd" stuff. *shudders* Might do this though, just script some auto install stuff and get it running with RSAT then forget about it. Otherwise I am going back to something like ClearOS, Zentyal or one I haven't tried much that being Univention Corporate server. Might VM that tomorrow and take a look at it. ClearOS or Zentyal were OK, I had them as routers instead of stand alone MS SBS replacements, so I might do some testing. Simply put, once again, damn you Microsoft. I'm a broke ass college student.

Maybe I should put Windows Server 2003 on it???


-_- ZzZzZ

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