Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quick Update

Ok so I am working towards hurricane electric's IPv6 certification but it is a long road that I hope to master a variety of technologies along the way. Starting out, I was to work with a webserver, but I found that I lacked on of the fundamental underlays of web pages and the way they work, that being DNS. DNS is already an important part of the certification, but before moving to IPv6 & DNS, which I feel will be an exciting adventure seeing how DNS in IPv6 is such a critical element, but it will also help me to master BIND9. To do this I will be testing a potential decommission of pfsense, for ubuntu to act as my primary NAT, packet filter, and edge router, as well as endpoint for to provide IPv6. Many opportunities are available upon this path, things like finally learning iptables syntax since I will not be relying on GUI firewall rules. Testing this involves virtual networking with VMWARE workstation creating a primary NAT ROUTER in ubuntu 64-bit, as well as using "host only" networking to provide another "host" ubuntu server machine to test IPv6 connectivity, router advertisements (perhaps using QUAGGA), DNS connectivity and results, and many other things down the line. More details are to come, hopefully running though all the progress of turning the machine into a NAT router and getting BIND9 working.

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