Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Transfer to XenServer

I have transferred to XenServer for the time being. Hardware is better supported. I don't have to shell out 30$ per NIC to simply get it installed. I am finding that it simply does not work as well as ESXi, or rather there is more "hacking" to get things working correctly.

Converted my "gaming" rig (Gigabyte 890FX-UD5 Phenom X6 1100T, 16GB RAM, HD 6870) into the XenServer, and my old ESXi server (Nvidia 680i SLI, Intel Core 2 E6600, 8GB RAM, HD5670) into my workstation. Eventually I plan on upgrading this to a QuadCore and swap the videocards (no need to have such a beefy card in the XenServer), but the Q8300, even being 5 years old is STILL over 100$ (damn you Intel - I wont buy your stuff anymore!). 

Anyway, as you can see, the Phenom X6 and 16GB are just laughing at my VMs. This is what I like to see:

Once I get the VM's installed I want for this Lab I am going to add one of these I have laying around:

I am hoping XenServer likes them that way I can give each client XP VM it's own NIC and test restricting inter VLAN routing with PFSENSE. Still have to get a decent PFSENSE box up and running as well. Looking at maybe buying an old 1U P4 server with a gig of RAM off Ebay, since I want everything rack mounted eventually anyway.

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