Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dynamips/Dynagen Update

Hello again. I decided to ditch the poweredge 2650. Dynamips/dynagen was simply not running well on it. I am not sure why. I was not having any luck configuring the loopback interface and terminal server either. My goal was to be able to use a tabbed terminal emulator/SSH/Telnet program to telnet into my virtual access server. For some reason Dynagen would not load the routers all the way whenever I un-commented the NIO_gen_eth:tap0 line in my .net file. Additionally, I could not ping the local loopback tap0 on the server from my LAN, meaning telnet was obviously not going to work.

You can see CPU/memory usage is minimal, even on the Ubuntu VM with only 2GB RAM. Granted I am only running 2 routers and have no active routing, but with the right idlepc values, it shouldn't be a problem. The tabbed console for routers is very nice, and I will list the command for this when I write my HOWTO on this lab setup. 

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